Aeran Pierce
Aeran Pierce
Country of Origin: United States
Age: 30s
Height: 6ft (approx.)
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Capt. of Delta Force's Echo Squad
Relatives: Unknown
Appearance(s): BlackSite: Area 51
Portrayer(s): Unknown

Capt. Aeran Pierce is the main protagonist of the game BlackSite: Area 51 and is the leader of Delta Force's Echo Squadron.

Blacksite: Area 51Edit


Pierce and his team were sent in to Iraq to investigate a supposed chemical weapon's bunker. Accompanied by the an elite science team leader Dr. Noa Weis, he and the others come in contact with not only Iraqi forces, but also mutated humans and wildlife known as Xenos. They then discover a crystal within a bunker which not only incapacitates him, Noa and Lt. Logan Somers, but also forces them to make a hasty retreat leaving Somers behind.

Area 51Edit

Three years later, Pierce and his team are chosen to reclaim Area 51 from an unknown "Militia" force within the area. They start in the town of Rachel where they discover that Somers isn't dead and he explains to them that the unknowns are the results of a program called Reborn. Against orders, Pierce and his team return to base with Somers where they discover that Noa was in charge of the Reborn program, but it was shut down years ago and the soldiers were sealed in Area 51. They are then confined to base for disobeying orders and bringing a Reborn Somers back who escaped, leaving Grayson injured.

Despite being confined to base for disobeying direct orders, Pierce and what remains of his team end up going back into the hot zone with another assault team. Traveling in a UH-60 Black Hawk, Pierce and the others encounter a giant Flathead. Killing the creature, Pierce is then forced to retrieve Noa from the second Black Hawk downed during the fight. Retrieving Noa, the team continues onward only to be downed by an explosion by within a containment dome nearby. Losing Ambrose, Pierce, Noa and Grayson continue on into the containment dome in order to locate Somers and stop the Xenos from spreading. It's then they encounter the Fire Brute which they manage to kill with a Javelin before pressing on.

After engaging a nearby Spore Tower, Pierce and the others acquire a Humvee and drive down the road, engaging any enemy they come across. They soon arrive at the containment dome entry point where they encounter another Fire Brute. Pierce distracts the creature while Noa and Grayson access the underground leading into the base. Noa and Grayson manage to successfully activate the tram station and Pierce destroys the Brute before descending into the underground facility. Upon arriving, they then begin a search for the research team that Somers had captured before leaving base. During their engagement of Reborn and Xeno troops, Pierce, Noa and Grayson then start finding scientists while still heading further down into the base.

While rescuing scientists, they discover that Somers is recharging an unknown ship sealed in the base since 1947, planning to use it to spread spores throughout the world. Descending downward, Grayson is attacked by a Xeno and is killed in a fall. Noa is then ambushed before descending further and Pierce ends up captured. Brought before Somers, Noa attacks the troops restraining Pierce and he goes after Somers. In an intense fight within the alien spacecraft, Pierce manages to kill off the remaining Reborn troops and Somers before being extracted by a Black Hawk. It's then after that Pierce and Noa begin assessing the damage caused by the spores released into the atmosphere.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Pierce is known to be a natural born leader and cares much for his fellow troops. He is known to be persistent as well as courageous enough to brave the Xenos and Reborn. Pierce has also shown that he's not afraid to take risks in terms of disobeying direct orders or going on life threatening missions to get the job done.