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  • STAAR - stands for Strategic Tactical Advanced Alien Response



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HAZMAT TeamsEdit

Hazardous Materials Teams,or HAZMAT Teams(sometimes HAZTeams), are United States Army CBRN units. They were contacted by Area 51 to assist in the containment. There were two teams sent in, HAZMAT Team Delta, the first to arrive and HAZMAT Team Bravo, who arrived 16 hours after to find and link up with Delta team.

HAZMAT Team BravoEdit

  • Anthony Ramirez – The headstrong and cunning leader of HAZMAT Team Bravo. He cares a lot for his team, even though he doesn't show it frequently. He dies second to last; smashed against a bullet-proof glass window by the Theta so hard it ruptures his armor, crushing his body.
  • Jack McCan - He is HAZMAT Team Bravo's combat arms' specialist and microbiologist, and quiet bookworm. McCan is a fan of reading novels and even brought one when he and Cole went to a strip club. He seems to be the one closest to Cole, as Moj broj računa:

the two seem to have get along very much even before the events of Area 51 took place. Like Crispy, he uses an SMP throughout the game until he is beheaded by a mutant right after he and Cole turned on the generators. Ethan later killed the mutant after watching in horror the decapitation which after the mutant charged at him.

  • Mitch "Crispy" Chrisman - He is the sarcastic comic relief to HAZMAT Team Bravo. Crispy is a happy-go-lucky guy even when everything seems so serious, he's always there to bright things up. His attitude changes dramatically when McCan is killed. He becomes more serious and focused on the mission after the loss of McCan. He uses an SMP throughout the game before he gets turned into a mutant. Cole had no choice but to kill Crispy.
  • Ethan Cole - The main character of the game. Ethan Cole is a mission specialist on HazMat Team Bravo. A trained biologist, Cole's remarkable marksmanship - W.I.P

HAZMAT Team DeltaEdit

  • Liuetenant Peter Chew – is leader of HAZMAT Team Delta. It is unknown if Chew was the leader to begin with, as three members of HAZMAT Team Delta were killed in the introduction, leaving it unknown if the original leader of Team Delta was already killed or he became the next to command. He was a great leader, instructing the rest of his team as well as Cole throughout the chapter "The Last Stand" to survive and reach topside. Peter Chew and his crew are friends of Team Bravo and Chew is a good friend of Cole. Chew is the only survivor of Team Delta after the Theta's attack along with Cole, witnesses two members of the Black Ops walking away, making them the first US military personnel aware of the Illuminati Black Ops. His leg is injured, though Cole assists him to the elevator that would lead them to the surface. As he contacts Major Bridges, the bomb set by the Illuminati explodes, destroying the elevator, thus preventing them from revealing their existence. He is the last member of Delta to die. Chew falls deep into a hole and gets killed by the impact, where is later feasted on by a mutant leaper. His body is the first to be used by Edgar to contact Cole.
  • Marco Ferri – When Cole meets up with Team Delta, he remarks that he's "happy to see a familiar face, but it would be a lot better if there were more." He was the first member of Delta to be Killed by the Theta mutant. With one swing of its arm, his lifeless body was flung across the room.
  • Jesse Leonard – One of the three deltas that was killed by the Theta.
  • Victor Carson – One of the three deltas that was killed by the Theta.

United States ArmyEdit

  • Major Douglas Bridges - is the commanding officer incharge of the Quick Reaction Force in Area 51. He wears a military beret and is equipped with a standard issue pistol. Bridges is heard throughout the first levels of the game through announcements or when he contacts the team through Ramirez. He guides and informs Team Bravo up until Cole links up with Team Delta when Bridges informs Team Delta of the Weapon Storage area and tell them they are working on extracting Team Delta and Cole. After the Theta ambushes Team Delta, Chew contacts Bridges but unfortunately, the transmission is somehow jammed and Bridges does not receive the last transmission. Bridges is not heard from for awhile. After Dr. Cray's death, Bridges is able to contact Cole once again, saying there is still problems with the communications and that he should rendezvous with the remaining security personnel down below. He is last heard from in the middle of the chapter "Lies of the Past", telling Cole he is sorry there is nothing more he can do for him except open certain security doors in the rest of the stages and that he believes that Cole can and will find a way out. Major Bridges is unaware of the presence of the Illuminati. He was most likely killed in the explosion of Area 51 in the ending.

Plain Military Fatigues Personnel - Non-combat soldiers are only encountered in the beginning part of the game. They wear patrol caps, construction helmets or earmuffs. They are usually in charge of fixing machines, organizing and recording data and handling equipment. In the chapter "Buried Secrets", you will be able to see these kinds of personnel once again, but only corpses are left of them.

Soldier - they are only encountered in the first parts of the game. They are in military fatigues and armored vests, and wear gas masked helmet. Soldiers are equipped with SMP's and grenades. Two soldiers are killed by the unauthorized agent in the first part of the game. Many soldiers are seen as Bravo Team descends into the base, quarantining the area. One of them is killed by some infected soldiers, and two more throw a corpse onto a burning pile of bodies. They are last seen as the chapter "The Hot Spot" begins, where two of them are holding off the charging mutants. They are not seen from then on, not even corpses of them are found.

Area 51 Security PersonnelEdit

Area 51 had a lot of security personnel to help keep its secrets from the outside world and contain any hostiles if there were any. They wear brown military fatigues. Most of the security forces were caught off guard as the virus spread and many were immediately infected, making it harder to control. These security personnel are referred to as the Spec4.

Military Beret Security Personnel - they are the most encountered kind of Spec4 personnel in the game. They are in military fatigues and armored vests and are equipped with SMP's grenades and pistols. The first ones you enounter alive are in the chapter "The Search" but both are killed when one of them throws a grenade that explodes too early as the mutants charging them attack. Two more are encountered in Hallway 5 where they are requesting back-up from topside. As Cole and his team secure the area, the two Spec4 personnel inform the them about Team Delta. Then two more are seen in the next hallway fighting a horde of mutants but one is killed as the mites enter the area. After the mites attack the other one goes back into position to secure the area but is then killed when Team Bravo leaves the area. They are last encounted as the chapter "They Get Bigger" begins, when two of them assist Team Bravo to the controls, two more are already in the are but are easily killed by the mutants in the room. As the engines explodes, the last two who were unable to enter the firedoors in time are killed. From then on, only corpses of them are found almost througout the facility. You can hear radio chatter on some of the corpses radios about security personnel requesting back-up and being over run. It's either the fighting is taking place topside or possibly somewhere else in the facility. The last survivor of this kind of Spec4 personnel is seen in the beginning chapter "Project: Blue Book", where he is being interrogated by 2 Illuminati's but is shot when he doensn't tell them the codes for a level 4 security lockdown. Cole manages to kill the two Illuminati's but is too late to save the life of the of the dying soldier who informs cole of the back-up comm center, the only remaining contact to topside.


Area 51 being a top secret research facility, a lot of scientists worked and did research there. But most of them were infected quickly as the virus started to spread. They are not much encountered alive in the game. Most them are already mutants or just corpses. In the first part of the game, silhouettes of two scientists are seen in the background talking over an infected personnel. In the Chapter "The Hot Spot", a scientist is seen by Team Bravo, asking for help but is then turned into a mutant, showing the player how exactly a human is transformed into a mutant. In the chapter "One of Them", as Cole enters the hallway, he encounters hiding and immediatly gets scared at Cole because he cannot return to human form yet. The scientist is then killed by an Illuminati soldier. In the room at the end of the hallway of the same chapter, a lot of scientists are seen being held by Illuminati soldies and are one by one killed to leave no witnesses. The last scientist to be enounted alive in the game is in the chapter "Now Boarding" where he opens the door for you but will stay in a security post until Cole clears the checkpoint. Once Cole clears the checkpoint, the scientist is then escorted by Cole to the checkpoint and hacks the system to open the door as Cole defends him from incoming enemy soldiers. The scientists then stays in the area stating he has control from there. No more scientists are found from then on.

  • Doctor Winston Cray - is the scientist involved with most of the testing and research in the alien mutagen and technologies. He is very old but is able to maintain a stable life with the technologies he has. He was one of the few who made a pact with Grays and Illuminati for the greater good. But as soon as he discovered the true objective of the pact and the presence of the Illuminati, he release the Theta escape in order to prevent the human race being annihilated by Illuminati from stealing it and using it as a weapon on Earth, in the process causing the events of the Dreamland incident. Unfortunately, the Theta infected the personnel in the base and started to spread the virus. Cray is an old and crippled man who moves using his wheelchair. He seems to be somewhat selfish and very would always want things to go his way. He and Mr. White knew each other and were once peers. But as soon as White became part of the Illuminati, they became rivals. Like Mr. White, Cray also made clones of his assistent but not as good as Mr. White's clones. He calls his clones Victor, each with ther respective number as to which there were made; Victor1, Victor2 and so on. He is first seen via monitors in the game in the chapter "One of Them" after Cole finds a temporary decontamination machine. Dr. Cray instructs Cole from then on until Cole reaches his lab. Cole is irritated by Cray as the missions progress saying being a minion of Dr Cray is getting old, fast. He is finally encountered in the chapter "Dr. Cray" in his lab where his security system is almost about to crumble. He is then killed by a huge explotion in his lab caused by the Illuminati just as soon as the decontamination of Cole was about to be complete. Cray left a bunch of videos, being his personal diaries, stating everything about the reseaches that he had conducted.
  • Victor5 – A step down from Victor6 and modeled after Victor Weisbrod, his former assistant. He is the only clone encountered by Cole. A corpse of another clone is seen being dragged by a mutant as Victor5 guides Cole to a scanning machine. Victor5 clone suffers from an extreme "child-like dependency" on Dr Cray. He is very paranoid, shaking almost everytime and walks kinda oddly. As Victor5 finishes scanning Cole he escorts Cole back to Dr. Cray but a lone grenade from a Black Ops soldier obliterates him just as he opens the last room before going back to Dr. Cray.



Mutants are the result of Dr. Cray's research as head of Area 51's Bioweapons Division. There are several types of Mutants, but they are strong and resilient to gun fire.

  • Mutant Scientist - Many of the research scientists trapped in the lower levels of Area 51 were exposed to an unknown mutagen. Possibly viral in nature, this mutagen triggered a rapid growth phase, greatly strengthening the skeletal and muscular systems. Similarly, the virus has caused a severe psychosis in all those infected.
  • Mutant Security Force - The security component of Area 51 was unprepared for a viral outbreak. Many of them were caught off guard and didn't have time to put on a gas mask. Those infected by the release of the virus mutated rapidly. They seem to retain enough of their humanity to use firearms in a rudimentary manner.
  • Mutant Security Force - The security component of Area 51 was unprepared for a viral outbreak. Many of them were caught off guard and didn't have time to put on a gas mask. Those infected by the release of the virus mutated rapidly. They seem to retain enough of their humanity to use firearms in a rudimentary manner.
  • Mutant Leaper - As the virus continues to mutate its human host, the victim begins to completely devolve into an animalistic state. The Leaper is the final phase of human mutation and has lost all humanity. Leapers use all four limbs to move and climb surfaces, and possess wicked talons that can penetrate through body armor.


  • Mr. White - is the Illuminati's representative to the Greys. Originally a scientific peer to Dr. Cray, Mr. White was seduced by the Illuminati and has become Dr. Cray's nemesis. After perfecting human cloning, Mr. White's research was used to create the Black Ops. Mr. White, ever the narcissist, created several clones of himself to ensure a power base of loyal servants. Mr. White's cooperation with Grays is carefully calculated to provide him technology and weapons to eventually control the world.
  • Mr. White Clone - Mr. White created a series of clones to work throughout the Area 51 base. They use teleportation devices on their wrists to travel around the Area 51 base. They are seen running experiments and interfering with Ethan's progress in Area 51.
  • Red Ops - are selected leaders of Black Ops and are given red armor, cloaking enhancements, and specialized tactical training. Used to command squads of ordinary Black Ops, the Red Ops are a serious threat and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. They quite frequently are seen carrying a BBG over the SMP.


  • Grays - not much is know about them. They are very egnimatic and their first contact with humankind was the result of a scout ship that experienced a malfunction and crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. They communicate using gestures and telapathy, Rarely encountered, they prefer to dwell in the deep bowels of Area 51 experimenting with captive humans. The exact purpose of these experiments are known only to the Grays and Illuminati counterparts. The Grays don't attack directly, though they are sometimes found behind a shield from where they send out teleportation orbs, which spawn Black Ops prepared to attack.


  • Theta - is the ultimate biological weapon engineered by the Grays to spread a mutagenic virus as quickly as possible to any carbon-based enemy. Theta can communicate with and command Leapers. Equipped with an electro-chemical pulse weapon, The Theta is an impressive killing machine. Rumors within the Illuminati elite talk of a "Super Theta" project. Rumors also go that the Theta was the cause of the Dreamland incident, as seen in a intro cut-scene where a team was ambushed by a creature that resembled the presence of a Theta.
  • Super Theta - is an improved version of The Theta, it is armed with a modified version of the BBG. The Super Theta is more resiliant to gunfire than The Theta, though alien weapons appear to be more affective.

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