Resize of Character Area51 Edgar V3.0
Country of Origin: None
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Grey God
Relatives: Unknown
Appearance(s): Area 51
Portrayer(s): Marilyn Manson

Edgar is the name of a fictional character seen in the 2005 game Area 51. He is portrayed by Marilyn Manson.


Edgar is an ancient and powerful Grey alien god. He is one of the aliens that started Area 51's secrecy. He was injured in an accident in which his body was severely deformed and bloated, and was kept alive via a life-support system. His blood is a mixture of other infected aliens' blood, and is the source of the mutant virus and its cure, which he gives to Cole. Edgar possesses telepathic abilities, being able to communicate with Cole via dead bodies Cole comes across. He has a considerable distaste for the "weakness" of mankind and "unholy deal" made with his kind. He is only seen when Cole is teleported to a alien mothership beneath Area 51.