Ethan Cole is the main protagonist throughout the game and is the only playable character. Little is known about Cole's early life or his parents although Ethan Cole is both an educated Biological specialist and a Trained Soldier. His gained skills as a Marksman and tactician have served him well in his army career. Cole's main specialty role in Bravo team is with biomesses and viral attacks. He was voiced by David Duchovny.


Ethan Cole is a mission specialist on HAZMAT Team Bravo. A trained biologist, Cole's remarkable marksmanship and tactical skills have served him well in his Army career. Cole's primary responsibility on HAZMAT Team Bravo is to operate the Scanner. If the team is to develop a countermeasure to a viral threat, the scanner will be the primary means of gaining information. The pragmatic son of a doctor and a respected college professor, Cole does not believe in little green men.

Before Area 51

"And by the seventh day I did punch him".
-Ethan Cole

Before the Area 51 incident, Ethan stated that he had been deployed on several missions with HAZMAT Bravo and Ethan states that he and his team have had to use force before with hostile life-forms. However, the nature of these missions is unclear. 


Cole is calm and fearless; he fought against countless hordes of Mutants, Black Ops soldiers, Grays and even faced off against the Theta that killed Chew's team all by himself. Cole appears to be intelligent and observant, during his descent under Area 51, he always thought and pondered everything that had a connection to the mutants, Area 51 and the Greys.

Area 51-Missions


Upon entering Dreamland, Ethan and his team were immediately deployed down into Area 51, but an enemy agent sabotages a truck and temporarily disables the elevator. Cole and McCan are sent after the agent and after a brief fire fight, the agent is killed. Cole and McCan return to the elevator and begin their descent into Area 51.

The Hot Zone

"I'm really lucky".
-Ethan Cole

After their descent into Area 51, the team encounters a pair of solders fighting off waves of Mutants. Cole and the rest of the team come to their aid and help them repel the assault. After the battle, they receive orders to reactivate the power generators. Cole and McCan head to the generator room and reactivate the power generators. Upon leaving the room, McCan is ambushed By a Mutant, which decapitates him. Ethan then kills the Mutant and rejoins the rest of the team.

After McCan's Death

"That's bullshit! McCan's dead, did you miss that part?!"
-Ethan Cole

After McCan is killed, Crispy wishes to return to the surface, but the exit has been over run, leaving them no choice but to move on. As they advance through the facility, they encounter other solders along the way who help them in advancing through the facility. They then reach a large door and Cole is sent to override the controls so Bravo team can get through the door. After opening the door, an engine near the door explodes causing the fire doors to close. Ramirez and Crispy make it, but the door closes before Ethan can get to them. As Ramirez and Crispy try to open the door, a creature (presumed to be a Theta because of the roar the player hears during the cutscene) attacks, killing Ramirez and injuring Crispy. When Cole reaches Crispy, he mutates into a Mutant and attacks Cole. Ethan had no other choice but to kill Crispy.

Wiping Out of Bravo

"They're dead, all of them, dead..."

-Ethan Cole

After the rest of the team is killed, Cole has no choice but to continue on with the mission. Ethan eventually reaches the communications center and finds out that HAZMAT Team Delta had fallen back to the Weapons Range. Ethan then fights his way to them and links up with Delta team.

The Last Stand


Peter Chew on the left and Ethan Cole on the right

"I'm happy to see a familiar face... But I'd be happy to see a lot more than one".
-Ethan Cole

When Cole reaches HAZMAT Team Delta, they had just repelled another wave of Mutants and the Artillery turrets they had been using for support have run out of ammo. Cole is sent to get more ammo in the Armory. After finding the ammo, he reloads the turrets. Then Cole is told to fix the communications array; after finding the tools and fixing the array, Hazmat Delta is told that there is an Armory nearby. Cole and Lieutenant Chew head to the Armory to retrieve explosives. After fighting their way through a mutant infested hallway, Ethan and Chew find the explosives, then Chew plants the explosives at the end of the weapons range. Cole mounts one of the artillery turrets and shoots the explosives, which results in a huge wave of mutants attacking. After fighting off the mutants, Cole and Hazmat Delta advance towards the opening Cole created with the explosives, but are attacked by the Theta and all but Cole and Chew are killed. Cole and Chew reach an elevator shaft that according to Cole "Is too big for a weapon". As they advance up the shaft, Black Ops soldiers activate a bomb on the elevator shaft which destroys the elevator, causing Cole and Chew to fall down the shaft. Chew is killed by the fall and Ethan is attacked by a mutant and is infected. After being infected Ethan is contacted by Edgar though a form of telepathy and informs Cole that if he finds the anti-mutagen, he will find a better death.

Cole as a Mutant

After Cole fell from the Shaft he was infected by the Mutagen. Then Edgar communicates through him and told him for a better death. While his mind had somewhat gone primal, he gained super-human strength and capable of attacks a regular mutant couldn't preform. After passing through the Black Ops soldiers, He found a machine that can restore some of his humanity. After that ordeal, Dr. Winston Cray called him to find his way to his lab in order for him to find the cure.

Doctor Cray

Dr. Cray is the scientist that help develop the virus, but when he found out that the pact would destroy the world, Cray released the virus in an attempted to stop the Grays and the Illuminati from completing the pact. After this the Illuminati begin to hunt down Dr. Cray., he is cornered in his lab, but Cray was prepared for the assault. Still, it was a matter of time before his defenses collapsed, but Dr. Cray finds Cole and tells him to get to him. When Ethan Cole reaches Crays lab it is under attack so Ethan fights off the Illuminati solders and finally meets Dr. Cray. Who is talking to one of his clones when Ethan arrives, but shortly after meting Cray the Illuminati attack again and Ethan is forced to fight them off again. Then Ethan returns to Cray and is told to go to the scanner, but the mutants in the lab had awakened and had killed the scientist inside. Ethan is then sent in to kill the mutants and get scanned. After getting scanned, Ethan then returns to Dr. Cray, but Illuminati solders had breached the lab Ethan fights off the solders. Then Ethan meets Dr. Cray one last time. Dr. Cray keeps his word and attempts to cure Ethan, but a power surge stops the process and an explosion kills Dr. Cray. Ethan leaves the lab and is once again contacted by Edgar. Who tells him to stop the pact and to find him. Ethan then enters an elevator that takes him deeper in to Area-51.

The Final Breakthrough

Ethan is then forced to fight his way through all the left-over mutants and thetas, then after he's finished he gets on transport to Edgar's location, and finds out that Edgar is in fact the source of the virus. Cole then injects Edgar's blood into his blood stream, in order to cure himself. Edgar orders Cole to stop the pact and the invasion of earth that the grays had planned. When Cole hunts down a generator to disable a force field, he is ambushed by the Super Theta and is forced to kill it to proceed. Cole then makes his way to the core of the mother ship to destroy/disable it and stop the invasion. When Cole destroys the core, he must escape the ship before it too is destroyed. Locating a giant teleportation portal within the alien ship, Cole manages to leap through the portal and escape to the desert outskirts of Area 51. Turning back to the government facility, Cole witnesses a tornado-like explosion erupt from within Area 51, destroying it completely. The truck that the saboteur had attacked from the beginning drives past Cole, following a black car. Cole reflects upon his original purpose at Area 51 and recognizes that while he and HAZMAT Team Bravo had failed, their sacrifices may have saved mankind.


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