"For the uninitiated, I am Mr. White. My real name is unimportant. I am the facilitator of Dreamland. Yes, the maker of dreams. I like that; it's poetic".
- Mr. White

Frederic White (better known as Mr. White) is the Illuminati's representative to the Grays, as well as the facilitator of Area 51. His status following the events of the game is unknown. He is the main human antagonist of the game.


Mr. White is the enigmatic fist of the shadowy Illuminati, who secretly influence and manipulate world governments and coerce with the Grays. His first name is apparently Frederick, and he was once a scientist, a peer and friend of Dr. Winston Cray, although the two have grown to hate each other. His wife apparently died in some accident, and he devoted himself to his work, eventually being picked to aid the Illuminati. He was one of the men who orchestrated the deal with the Grays which gave the aliens a base on Earth and the ability to develop and research technology unhindered, even allowing the beings to abduct private citizens.

In return the Grays gave the Illuminati access to their technology. Mr. White proved himself to be the most able of the Illuminati's agents, utterly dedicated to their cause. However, he is a narcissist and other members of the Illuminati speculate that Mr. White has an agenda of his own. Whether this is true or what that agenda may actually be, is never explained. It is implied, however, through his actions (namely, when he releases several mutants to attack Ethan Cole and what appears to be a room in which Mr. White and his clones are studying a mutated individual) that the spread of the mutation is ultimately in his best interests. However, it is not explained why.

When the incident at Area 51 occurred, it was he who authorized the Black Ops to kill the Hazmat Specialist, Ethan Cole, presumably to prevent anyone from discovering their secrets. White is not fought in the game, he created several clones of himself (which the player can kill if they're fast enough) to make any sort of assassination attempt fruitless. It is likely that the Mr. White who appears in-game videos and taunts Dr. Cray via video communication is the original White and not one of his clones. It remains unknown what happened to him following the destruction of Area 51, however it is generally assumed that he was killed in the explosion. It is not clear whether any of his clones survived the blast.


  • Mr. White's voice actor Phil Proctor also voiced Warren Vidic from the Assassin's Creed series who has some similar traits to Mr. White. Both work for secret organizations that influence the general populace. Both are using alien technology to reach their goals. Both are trying to use this alien technology to gain world domination.
  • His fate is presumed deceased when Area 51 was destroyed when Ethan Cole blew up the alien core.
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