Mutant Scientists are Scientists in Area 51 that were trapped in the lower levels, and got infected by a deadly mutagen. They have lost almost all of their humanity, but are very strong. They can not use weapons unlike their Security Force counterparts.

First encounter Edit

The First Mutant Scientist you meet is found trapped behind a room in "The Hot Zone". He destroys the glass door for you...with his fists. Then tentacles tear his mouth open to reveal the Mutant's face, and his back splits open, finally his arm splits and he begins the attack.

Infection Edit

A Mutant Infects other Humans by biting the person. During gameplay, if a mutant scientist attacks Crispy, you can hear Crispy say, "He fucking bit me!"

Trivia Edit

  • The Mutation of the first scientist is very different from that of Ethan Cole(player)
  • The Scientist, his jaw rips apart revealing his mutated head, and his arm starts ripping apart. This might be because of the Mutant's intervention, or some freak accident.
  • A scientist is the reason for Cole's mutation.
Last Stand Screnshot

Ethan and Hazmat Team Delta Fight of the Scientists.