Mutants are the former human residents of Area 51 infected with a virus derived from Edgar’s blood and created and released by Doctor Cray. They are the most common enemy until “Last Stand" where they are replaced by Leapers as the most abundant foe. They are resistant to gun fire and strong in close combat, the Mutant Soldiers are capable of also using the SMP and Shotgun in addition to the normal hand/claws used by the Leaper and Mutant Scientists.

Evolution-Forms and TypesEdit

Scientists & SoldiersEdit

The first stage of mutation is the infected look normal but act like mutants thus the reborn phase then change in physical appearance and massive growth in strength. A scientist who turns into a mutant appears to have his head snap back while a new head comes out of his neck as well as the bones in his arm splitting apart while his hands become claws. This change in their arms seems to dramatically increase strength allowing Mutants to smash through otherwise impenetrable obstacles and deal large amounts of damage with a single hit.

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Leapers are the third form of mutant when the virus continues to mutate it's host until no human traits are left they grow out of their cloths and grow 4 eyes they change from yellow to green they have the ability to climb on surfaces they are encountered after Cole is infected most guess that he became unconscious after being bit thus giving the mutants a chance to evolve (these two pictures are leapers killing two clone troopers).

Ethan ColeEdit

Ethan Cole goes through a different evolution than the normal scientists & soldiers. He does not have the same loss of face and splitting of arms in the early stages of his evolution. He later combats the evolution of the virus using Demute chambers with each use of these chambers he gained unique powers he gained the ability to shoot parasites out of his arms which would steal life from his enemies, the only other creature shown to have this power is the Super Theta. Also unlike other Mutants he does not appear to show any outward signs of mutation when not in mutant form as shown by the lack of negative reaction of a scientist he meets long after having been infected.