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A Reborn Scout.

Reborn Scouts are variation of Reborn, and like all all Reborn, are genetically/mechanically upgraded Human super-soldiers. Reborn Scouts perform were created to scout the perimeter in search of enemy targets, like a typical scout. Reborn Scouts differ greatly in appearance to standard Reborn forces, as they are mainly cybernetic, with only bits of there torso and up remaining, which to is covered in cybernetic implants. Additionally, Reborn scouts appear to be female rather than male Humans, suggesting they are made from women rather than men test subjects Reborn Scouts have there Human legs removed an replaced with tall robotic legs and feet, allowing them to tower over most foes. Reborn Scouts do not carry guns like typical Reborn units, rather they have two powerful energy pulse turrets on their shoulders which they use to attack foes. These turrets make Reborn Scouts more akin to mobile gun platforms rather than scouts, and Reborn Scouts are dangerously good shots. In the event that a Reborn Scout is taken down, the Human torso can detach from its cybernetic legs, allowing the Reborn Scout to crawl toward its enemy so it can perform a kamikaze attack by self-destructing.

A total of 23 Reborn Scouts appear in the entire game of BlackSite: Area 51, first appearing inside the town of Rachel, Nevada.