Red Ops are major Illuminati figures with highly trained combat skills, higher IQ and more independence which differentiates them from the Black Ops and a cloaking device created by scientists under the coordination of the Illuminati organisation. They lead Black Ops troops/soldiers in the Illuminati base under Area 51. Unlike the Black Ops, they have reddish armor with a larger accessible arsenal of weapons. Their most trademarked feature is the Field Cloaking Unit, which allows them to turn invisible.

During Area 51Edit

After Ethan Cole's initial encounter with the Illuminati, a single Red Ops orders several Black Ops to execute some surviving scientists. He then runs away, sending his underlings to deal with Cole. Later, this particular Red Ops is leading a squad and chasing down a Leaper. He runs off once again while leaving his squad to fight Cole.

The Red Ops then appears alongside some of Mr. White's clones, who are giving a Leaper a vivisection. When Cole enters the room, the clones teleport away while the Red Ops leaves.

Afterwards, the Red Ops leads several Black Ops in an attempt to destroy the power conduit. Cole manages to disarm the C4 and kill the Red Ops.

More Red Ops began to appear after Cole acquired the BBG-11 Meson Autorifle. They were a lot more common, appearing as both field leaders and as replacements for lower-ranking Black Ops.


Red Ops have 70 health points.

Red Ops mostly carry the BBG-11 Meson Autorifle. Some will also carry the XM-32 Assault Rifle.

Upon being engaged, Red Ops will immediately activate their Field Cloaking Units. After losing enough health, they will uncloak.


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